Protecting What’s Important

Rally Flyer

Rally FlyerCome one, come all to Forsyth Park, Saturday at 11:30 a.m., November 28.

If you are thankful to live in this beautiful coastal city, come lend your support for growing Savannah into an education, tourism, arts and technology hub instead of a fossil fuel wasteland.

Come voice your support for protecting Savannah from becoming the petrochemical hub of the Southeast, with infrastructure for LNG exporting and offshore drilling.

It’s coming. You and your neighbors, and all of Savannah, have a choice. Do we let Kinder Morgan and the oil & gas companies make billions while fouling our air and water, decreasing our property values, ruining our vistas, clogging our roads, and putting our families in harm’s way? Or do we protect what is most important to us–clean air and water, beautiful beaches and marshes, birds and wildlife, our families’ health and safety?

The oil & gas industry is banking billions on a quiet community. Let’s not give them quiet.