Apathy is Kinder Morgan’s License to Destroy


Kinder Morgan has fouled and defaced communities all across the country, and it’s about to have its way with Savannah. If the Elba LNG Export facility is approved, Kinder Morgan is going to take Savannah’s safety, water, and wetlands. They don’t even have to pay to use and deplete the pristine groundwater from the Floridan Aquifer. They’ll make billions liquefying and exporting 1.6 billion gallons of natural gas from Savannah, and in return Savannah gets polluted air and water, huge traffic increases and risks, and hazards of catastrophic accidents.

Despite its pattern of illegal behavior resulting in accidents, leaks, deaths, felonies and environmental damages throughout the U.S., not one political leader representing Savannah—local, state or federal—has voiced concern over Kinder Morgan operating a facility that stores 146 million gallons of LNG within four miles of schools, neighborhoods and churches. Look at Kinder Morgan’s most recent violations.

There are 14 days left to comment on FERC’s Environmental Assessment that recommends Slide1approval of the project. While Savannah’s elected officials and FERC are clearing the path for Kinder Morgan to put Savannah’s safety and clean air and drinking water at risk, it is left to us regular folks to say, no, this isn’t OK.

It only takes 5 minutes, and it’s the only chance to stop Kinder Morgan from plundering for profit what belongs to the people.

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