Don’t Let Kinder Morgan Turn Savannah into a Polluted Wasteland


It’s Your Choice

Do nothing and Kinder Morgan will have it’s way with Savannah–polluting, pillaging, destroying.


Speak out and let the politicians and the feds know that the community is not going to let Kinder Morgan and the fossil fuel industry destroy Savannah like it has all the other countless places in this country.

Enough is Enough.

Sign the Petitions!

File a Comment to FERC!

Savannah’s elected leaders are not going to oppose the $2 billion Elba Island Liquefaction project that will destroy salt marsh, cause air pollution and pollute local waterways.  It is up to the people to oppose Kinder Morgan’s plan to pillage Savannah’s pristine water source and put the community in harm’s way of a dangerous industrial fossil fuel complex.