Fight the Elba Liquefaction Project


Contact the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: Comment on the Project and/or Become an Intervenor (Docket # CP14-103)

Make a Motion to Intervene

When you make a motion to intervene in a FERC proceeding, you are notified of all activity in the docket. Most importantly, as an intervener you have a right too appeal a FERC decision.

To make a Motion to Intervene in the Elba Liquefaction Project, it is necessary to file a document citing the law and providing a justification for the motion. Provided below is a Motion to Intervene that was filed in the Elba Liquefaction docket. Follow the format of this Motion, which cites the law, includes the docket number (CP-14-103), etc. Simply, put your name and contact information in the holding text in red at the beginning of the document and at the end (change font color to black after typing your name and contact info). The comments in this motion are pertinent and well-researched. Feel free to submit them as your own or simply input in your own comments.

Motion to Intervene-EXAMPLE

Once you are ready to submit your Motion, go to and follow these steps to file:


Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.21.23 AM

Read the EA

The Federal Regulatory Commission (FERC) has given the public 30 days to comment on the Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Elba Liquefaction Project.

Make a Comment to FERC

File a Comment on FERC’s Environmental Assessment of the Proposed Elba Liquefaction Project

In addition to filing a Motion to Intervene, you can also file a comment on the EA. Or, if you do not want to file a Motion to Intervene, you can just file a comment directly in the docket (CP14-103).